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  • I cant send tou any money because I dout have a pay pal acc. if you want to come and get it I have 100 for you. ron
  • Dear Mr Lunde,

    US healthcare costs are 40 to 50% higher than those of other industrialized countries and our healthcare outcomes are not as good! This is a detriment to our citizens and to our economy. The excess cost of healthcare becomes part of the cost of MN products and makes MN products less competitive.

    MN needs a 1332 waiver to allow us to pursue healthcare reform.

    Setting party affiliation aside (I hope) I recommend Senator Martys new book “Healing Health Care” as a thorough look at an option for healthcare reform in MN.

    Will you support a 1332 waiver for MN?


    Mark Brakke, MD
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