Broken Promises, Broken System !! 

My opponent and his party just discovered in the last two weeks what I have known for the past 5 months through door-knocking, there is a significant concern about the future of healthcare, whether it is the escalating costs or lack of choice, or not being able to keep their plans nor their doctors.  Calling for a Special Session to address a problem that has been slowing boiling for 4 years is nothing less than an Election Day stunt to show they care, because they are on the wrong side of this issues, as the current state of healthcare was designed, implemented and run by my opponent and his allies.  We need a new direction, one built on choice and lowering costs, not awarding bonuses to MNSure Executives for incompetence, nor helping insurance companies increase their profits.  The hits keep coming for healthcare market, with individual insurance rates increasing by an average of 50-67%, and Minnesota became the first state to institute widespread caps on the number of new enrollees allowed to purchase plans. The situation has been described as a healthcare crisis for Minnesotans.

I support a different path, and if elected, will support a common sense plan to address the unsustainable increase in healthcare costs along with dwindling choices in care.  

To achieve lower premiums and deductibles:

Restore a statewide high-risk pool (like the former Minnesota Comprehensive Health Association – MCHA) to make the individual market healthier, more sustainable, and less expensive.

Allow a tax deduction for health insurance premiums for individuals and families who don’t qualify for group insurance.

To achieve more choices in the marketplace:

Allow entities other than employers to offer group health insurance for their members. This would include organizations like agriculture cooperatives, fraternal organizations, clubs, etc.

Allow all independent doctors, clinics, and hospitals to be considered in-network providers (as long as they meet the network qualifications).

To achieve a more efficient system:

Allow individuals, families, and small employers to skip the hassles of MNsure by purchasing coverage directly through insurance agents, while still receiving the same tax credits available to MNsure enrollees.

Allow Minnesotans to enroll in public health insurance programs like Medical Assistance through their counties instead of through MNsure by expanding County Based Purchasing.


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