Taxes & Government Reform

The budget of the State Government has increased by nearly 20% in the last four years, which is unsustainable in the long term.  The idea we can raise taxes on the other people to pay for everything is simply a false promise.  WE ALL are paying for the increased spending, including those on fixed incomes, families who are struggling to pay for their children’s college and small business owners.  Increasing the cost for families through higher taxes and increased regulation is unfair and unjust. 

As Mayor, I have led the charge to reform the Met Council, joining with other cities and counties to call for a reform in the structure of the Met Council itself.  Reforms like those outlined by Scott Schulte, Anoka County Commissioner and myself in a counterpoint Letter to the Editor in the Star-Tribune.  I am also a party to a federal complaint filed by the City of Brooklyn Park, detailing how the Met Council has through its housing and transportation policies, concentrated the areas of poverty into a few cities, like Brooklyn Park.  The Met Council’s policies have helped lead our metro area to one of the worst areas in the country for segregating poverty and our diverse communities. 

 As your State Senator, I will remember there is a price to our families and business owner when fighting to stop the desire to increase taxes, to increase and expand the sales tax to include items such as over the counter medicine, auto repairs and more, to increase car license tab renewal fee, to increase property taxes for business owners, etc.  The list of tax increases is staggering, which means an increased burden on ALL Minnesotans. 

Along with increased taxes, there is increase in government regulation, which is an indirect tax.  When business owners have to respond new mandates and more regulation, it drives up their cost of business.  They have few choices, such pass the increased costs onto the consumers, absorb the cost by cutting back money for employees or go out of business. 

I want to accomplish the following goals.

  • Pass the tax cuts which were needlessly held up by partisan bickering at the State Capitol, while they fought, we lost out on tax cuts for senior citizens, college students, small business owners and more. 
  • Reform the Met Council to make it directly accountable to the residents of the Twin Cities metro, not just the Governor
  • Lower car license tab renewal fees which affect every member of Minnesota, rich or poor, young or old
  • Require a measurement of success for any government programs, no longer should programs be allowed to continued, they need to prove they are driving a benefit to our state
  • Change the current Minnesota system of taxation on businesses, including property tax reform
  • Use zero-based budgeting for our State Government, meaning no government program should assume its budget is going to increase due to inflation.  This will make our State Budget just like our Business & Family budgets. 





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