Solving issues is tough, remaining focused on results over partisanship and special interests has to be the rule, not the exception.  Failing to deliver a bonding bill nor reducing the tax burden on senior citizen, students and business owners was the result of partisanship over results, specials interests over courage. 

I will bring to this position 20 years of experience solving business problems by focusing on results, measuring success at all times to ensure efficiency.  Along with my experience in private industry, I have over 10 years of community leadership, helping a community rebuild its confidence by step by step, result by result, conversation by conversation.  I do not waste time nor effort, I focus on the root cause of problems, making sure all efforts are measurable, achievable and contribute to meeting the challenge at hand.  

Making Minnesotans a Priority

  • Lower government barriers to success by limiting government regulation
  • Eliminate the funding gap between suburban and urban students
  • Make affordability a priority in healthcare
  • Lessen tax burden on all Minnesotans during times of budget surplus
  • Tackle road & rail congestion by passing a common sense bi-partisan bonding bill

Take a look at the issues I have identified, and the solutions I want to deliver.  If there is an issue or question you still have, please contact me, I would love to chat more.    



Jeffrey Lunde

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